Irene's Story


Irene is from a church in Kuching, Malaysia. She told us her story of coming to know the Lord Jesus through Christianity Explored

Irene being baptised
I was born in a family that called itself Christian. As a result, I used to call myself a Christian without truly knowing the meaning of Christianity. Over the years, my Christian friends tried to invite me to Christian Fellowship or to Sunday service, but somehow, nothing changed in my heart. I was like the seed sown on hard soil: although I was physically there, none of the seeds sunk into my heart. I was a lost sheep. This all changed 4 years ago, when I was invited to join Christianity Explored.

Christianity Explored is a short, simple yet impactful course. Through a short video and a short discussion every week, it gave me a clear picture of the core of Christianity, which is none other than the good news about Jesus Christ. The messages in the videos always struck me, leaving a deep impression in my heart. The length of the video is also appropriate – not too lengthy, perfect for my attention span. The structure of the course is systematic, by first showing us who Jesus is, why he came, and eventually calling for our response. Instead of jumping randomly to different passages in the Bible, as happened in my past experience whenever attending church or Christian Fellowship, the structure of this course made me truly understand the meaning of Christianity. 

The session on 'Grace' especially left an impression on me. I have always thought that a good christian equals to a person who does not do harm to others, strive hard in daily work, attend church regularly... This session totally changed my view. This session clearly showed me that we can never do enough to enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead, we receive eternal life as a gift, paid for by the death of Jesus. This is the grace of God, given to us despite our sinfulness. 

The Bible used to be a book that was difficult for me to understand. Finishing a chapter in the Bible is something that I have failed multiple times. The seven weeks of the Christianity Explored course guided me through Mark’s Gospel and for the first time in my life, I managed to go through a book in the Bible! Since then, with the guide of the Holy Spirit, reading God’s Word is no longer mission impossible. Instead, it has become a routine to explore God’s words; to want to dive deeper into the Scriptures.

I find Christianity Explored suitable not just for non-Christians, but even those who are at different stages of the Christian life. I have joined and helped out on the course several times since my first one. Every time, it has given me the chance to explore the content of the course from different viewpoints. It is definitely worthwhile! I’ll keep inviting people from different walks of life to gather for this course together, and share the best ever news we have in our lives.

Irene Chieng
BEM Kuching Evangelical Church


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