Discipleship Explored Prison Edition Leader's Guide

By Christianity Explored Ministries

A flexible version for chaplains and those involved in prison ministry.

Part of the Discipleship Explored series.

Discipleship Explored Prison Edition connects naturally with prisoners and helps them in their life-long journey of following Christ. A great follow up to the Christianity Explored Prison Edition!

The eight session series through the book of Philippians is designed to go along with the Discipleship Explored DVD and uses the 2011 NIV Bible.

The Leader's Guide contains everything needed to take a group through the 8-session course. The material is flexible to allow for the range of session times typically offered in a prison – from one to two-and-a-half hours.

  • Section 1: How to run the course
    • Getting started
    • Choosing and training leaders
    • Training modules (to help train your team)
  • Section 2: Leader's Guide
    • Detailed outlines for each of the eight sessions
  • Appendices
    • What's different about a prison setting?
    • Generic prison security procedures and policies
    • Answers to difficult questions