Real-life stories

If someone asked you to tell your life story, what would you say? What would you include? What would you make sure you left out?

These videos and blogs tell the real-life stories of a range of people who came to know and love Jesus.

Kateryna's Story

I kept asking, ‘What will happen to me if I become a Christian?'

Jill's Story

I’m in the process of finding out more about Jesus.

Soon's Story

I didn’t think I was cut out to be a Christian.

Mike's Story

My parents were disappointed and upset.

Rick's Story

I started reading Jesus’ words - and he blew me away.

Ivan's Story

I had a kind of opinion about the Bible - but I’d never read it.

Jo's Story

I thought, ‘Wait a minute, this is a deal that’s too good to be true.’

Rob's Story

While high on heroin, I started reading the Bible.

Deb's Story

I know that I had a real longing to come back to God.

Aarthi’s Story

After studying Mark’s Gospel, I came to faith in Christ.

Liam's Story

Though I was nervous, I felt compelled to find out more.

Natasha's Story

Something was happening! God was talking and I was listening!

Gerald's Story

I realised that I am by no means ‘good’ in God’s standard.

Xichen's Story

I was grasping for something that could never fulfil me.

Stephanie's Story

Jesus’ personality and character really struck me.

Katie's Story

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