New FREE youth series for 11-18s – 4 episodes opening the Bible exploring Christianity

Vox: Share what matters

What’s life all about? Where do I belong? How can I find meaning and purpose? And what’s that all got to do with Christianity?

Vox is an opportunity to listen in to honest conversations about things that matter.

Our camera crew follows six young people as they head to a location in the middle of nowhere so they can get back to the basics of life and the Christian faith.

Over four episodes, we join these young people as they open up the Bible to explore Christianity and find out what God has to say about himself, about us, and about life here on earth.

We listen to their conversations as they wrestle with their own questions, and share what matters to them.

Why Vox? Why Luke's Gospel?

Co-presenter Dave Cornes explains what you can expect from the new youth series in under 90 seconds.

What's each episode about?

We want to create an opportunity to pause, listen in on unfiltered and honest conversations about faith from a group of young people, and open up the space for more discussion.

Each episode has time to pause the video and discuss the questions on screen with the young people watching.

Vox is completely free!

1 Beginnings

Luke 1-2

Episode one starts with Luke writing his book to show that Jesus is at the centre of God's story, and we're invited to join him in it.

2 Kingdom

Luke 4-5

The second episode shows Jesus came to bring life for the lowly and the outcast, and demonstrates his authority over evil, sickness and death.

3 Home

Luke 15

In episode three, we witness Jesus' mission to restore the lost and the broken-hearted, welcoming them into his love and grace, as we slow down for the parable of the lost son.

4 Life

Luke 23-24

Episode four reveals the ultimate act of love, mercy, and justice in Jesus' death and resurrection.

Meet the presenters

Vox series presenters

Swarzy Macaly
Swarzy is a London-based TV and radio broadcaster and presents BBC Radio 1Xtra's Weekend Breakfast. She is also the creator of The Last Supper Club on YouTube where she cooks food, opens the Bible, and makes space for faith-filled conversations with those from the Christian faith and those seeking to learn more. 

Dave Cornes
Dave is a pastor, speaker and presenter. He spent ten years in youth work before heading to the Isle of Wight with his wife, Kat, to start a church.