Introducing a new Christianity Explored for visual learners

We’re close to completing a new adaptation of Christianity Explored for people who have a preference for visual rather than text-based learning.

Robin Turton, Regional and UK Prison Ministry Coordinator, who’s worked closely on the development of the new edition since its ideation, brings us up to speed on the vision behind this new resource and final stages.

The need

Many churches across the UK have outreach programs dedicated to serving people in contexts where there has been reduced educational opportunity. This would include prisons, church plants in areas of urban poverty, Christian rehabilitation centres, and organisations that exist to promote inclusion for people with learning disabilities. Groups in these settings will typically have English as their first language, but are likely to be unused to considering abstract concepts in depth. What they need is a Christianity Explored (CE) course where both the language and the concepts are simplified. This type of guest will have fluent spoken English, but will struggle to read and (experience teaches us) will be put off by the complexity of the current simplified English Universal Edition. These are typically people who have a strong preference for, and are skilled at, visual learning. 

The ‘Illustrated Edition’ (working title)

We’ve created a new course with hour-long sessions that act as stepping stones through Mark’s Gospel. There are no videos, just a leader-led expository journey through Mark that is designed to unfold flexibly at a pace that is comfortable for guests. The highly visual approach allows the guests to grasp the teaching of Mark and helps them stay engaged with both the leader and the Bible text. Its working title is the “Illustrated edition” (CE:I) because as far as possible text is presented in bullet points, with illustrations that explain and communicate the message of Mark’s Gospel. 

Themes in Mark's gospel - Illustrated edition

The themes and sessions mirror our core Christianity Explored series so current users will readily adapt to the material. In addition, we have found that because of the simplicity of the illustrated approach users new to Christianity Explored are well placed to pick up and run with CE:I.

What will it look like?

CE:I will comprise of a handbook that is highly visually, presented with minimal text and set in a clear layout. A leader’s guide will ensure that leaders’ clearly understand what the illustrations in the handbook represent and the thinking behind the course, with further resources available on a dedicated web page.  

Can you help with the Design Pilot?

Development versions of the series have already been piloted in a variety of settings and feedback confirms the flexibility of the material, the ease of use, the clarity of message, and the engaging illustrative format.
Since then, we’ve been working with designers and illustrators on a completed designed version and are hoping to pilot it.

If you minister in any of the areas that the series is designed to reach, would you be happy to pilot this draft design version? If interested, please contact me at


Would you please join us in praying for this project?

  • For us as we move with our creative partners through the design (see preview pics) into the piloting & production phase of the project.
  • For wisdom around production decisions.
  • That use of the published version would be God honouring and glorifying.