Using Hope Explored as your Easter follow-up

Christian hope is about a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

A golden opportunity

As we talk to churches across the country one of the most encouraging messages we have been hearing recently is about the people who tentatively started watching church services during lockdown and have since decided to visit in person. That’s why we think this Easter provides an extra special opportunity. For those who have enjoyed dipping in over the past couple of years to see what we get up to in services, Easter is the perfect time to encourage them through the doors to meet us and hear the live-saving news of the gospel in person. 

It’s exciting that many of the people who are finding their way to churches already know something of the gospel message from joining in online, and are coming because they are already interested in finding out more. That’s why it’s particularly important to plan well for how we follow up with those who come to our Easter services, and one way to do that is to offer them the chance to come along to a Hope Explored course. 

Why Hope Explored?

Hope Explored is a three-session series about the person and work of Jesus and the hope that can be found in him. It allows those who do not consider themselves followers of Jesus to explore the message of the Christian faith. Each session looks at an aspect of Jesus’ work — his life, death, and resurrection — whilst also looking at one of the great longings we have for hope, peace, and purpose. Through studies from Luke’s Gospel and teaching from Rico Tice, Hope Explored shows how the events of Jesus’ time on earth in the past can change our future and transform our present.

Hope Explored examines the central claims of Easter: that Jesus lived, that he died on the cross for people’s sins on Good Friday, and that he rose to life on the third day, defeating death. By looking at Luke’s Gospel people can see the historical evidence for these events for themselves and think further about what they mean whilst meeting the person of Jesus as they see him walk off the pages of the Bible. 

The aim of Hope Explored is to help people see that the hope that Jesus offers, the hope of eternal life that we find in Scripture, is one that is based on those true events — his death and resurrection — and that it can transform someone’s present. It is an everlasting hope, one that cannot be shaken. 

We have designed an Easter church pack which has all you need in it to advertise your Hope Explored series and it even has a talk outline for an Easter evangelistic service based on passages from the series. Just go to the Hope Explored Leader's Area.

Easter church pack