Soon's Story



I come from Malaysia originally and have lived in the UK for more than 23 years. I didn’t come from a Christian background – my exposure to Christianity is minimal during my school days and furthermore, being trained in medicine and science, I wasn’t really interested in religion at all.

However, I have a friend at work and we used to meet up at lunchtime, and we discussed different topics including religion. And after a while we got interested in religion and Christianity in particular, and through his invitation I went to some talks which explored the values of Christianity in various aspects of life.

And after much thought I decided to go to the Christianity Explored course to find out more about it, and I think the main drive behind this move was the realisation that I had been ignoring the spiritual aspect of my life, having spent most of it building up my career.

I remember being extremely nervous and uneasy and uncomfortable because I wasn’t really accustomed to discussing religious matters. Secondly I was afraid of exposing my ignorance in public in this area. But having said that, my fears were quickly allayed when I went to the first two courses. The main strength was the people were very accommodating, understanding and supportive. They encouraged you to ask questions, and with time I began to open up and became more confident and started challenging certain areas that was written down in Christianity and that helped me to understand it better.

More importantly, no question was too simple. So it allowed me to actually explore the various issues I have in my mind.

Attending the course has allowed me to find out more about Christianity compared with other religions, because that’s one of the issues I had in my own mind, and it allowed me to understand and be aware of these strengths.

At present I’m doing Bible studies with my friend, and I want to learn more and understand better about Christianity - in particular about applying the Christian values to one’s daily life, because that’s what’s important. So I’m in the process of finding out more about Jesus and hopefully getting to know him better so that I will embrace Christianity in due course.