Stephanie's Story

I was grasping for something that could never fulfil me.


In my younger years, I turned to the Occult to deal with a lot of sadness and anger I was carrying from my past. My intention was to find power, independence and a sense of belonging. I was grasping for something that could never fulfil me but could only ever harm me. Yet it became an addiction like any other.

It would be years later, early in my marriage to my unbelieving husband, that we both started attending a church for the sake of our little daughter. A couple there gave their time to read the Bible with us weekly, and the pastor suggested we check out Christianity Explored. We attended out of curiosity. What we discovered there about God’s love for us changed our lives forever. We both independently realised that Jesus is Lord, but at first were each unsure about telling the other of this discovery for fear of what the other would think!

That was five years ago. I have found my home in Jesus. The restlessness in me has stilled and I have a clear view of my identity, purpose and eternal destination as part of God’s plan.

I still struggle at times with pain from the past, but the difference is that as a follower of Christ, my anchor is so rooted in his victory that I can weather the storms of my emotions or instincts. I have found that honesty before God during these times is key. What a privilege it is to approach our loving Father through His son Jesus.

Life is not a game, and you can run out of chances to discover who Jesus is, why he came into this world and the reason for his death and resurrection. Don’t waste another moment. I encourage you to find out for yourself.