Does my life really matter to God?

Joanna Jackson, All Souls Church



I don’t know what brings you here - whether you are doubting your value? Whether you are wondering if God is interested in your life at all? 

Whatever it is that brings you here, I want to tell you that your life absolutely matters to God. Your life absolutely matters to God.

And even though I don’t know you, I know that is true for two solid reasons: Firstly, because he made you. Secondly, because he died for you.

Do you know that right at the beginning of the Bible we are told that God made man and woman in his image. Glorious. Dignified. Made in the very likeness of God Himself, the pinnacle of his creation. And this is true not just  of the first man and woman, but of every human being since, and it is true of you and me as well.

God gave you life. He put his image in you, and so invested you with infinite value and worth.

Does your life matter to God? Yes! Because he made you.

And this is true regardless of what you do, or what you achieve. It is true regardless of your own opinion of yourself, or other people’s opinions of you. Your life matters to God because you are made in his image and so you have inherent and inestimable worth.

But sometimes we struggle to really believe that. We mess up. We fail. We let others down. We let ourselves down. And we let God down. We don’t treat each other as glorious image bearers, worthy of respect and love. The reality is, our lives are often marred by brokenness and failure, from the inside, as well as the outside. 

But even then our life still matters to God. So much so, that he stepped into his creation, in the person of Jesus Christ, to die for you… to deal with our sin and failure.
Jesus sees us at our very worst and still loves us. Still goes to the cross for us - to pay for our sin- to open up the way of forgiveness. To restore our relationship with God (and one another). 

We don’t deserve this. And yet this is how much he cares for us. And because we don’t earn God’s love - we can never lose God’s love. Our life always matters to God!
So whatever you are facing right now, whether you feel on top of the world, or like your life is in a total mess… know how much you are valued by God.

Because he made you. And died for you.